Description and Overview
To briefly acquaint you with our company, The Helm Management Co. is a full service property and asset management company with over 25 years of management experience. Our expertise and management concentration is in the field of hotels, resort properties, office buildings, apartments and homeowner associations. The Helm's corporate staff is comprised of many talented and dedicated individuals, including: a Certified Property Manager; a real estate broker; a widely experienced marketing and operations consultant; an experienced rental operations manager; and a dedicated staff of insurance, financial, communications, accounting, and computer experts.

The management services available through The Helm can be generally divided into three broad categories: administrative management, financial management and operations management. The following itemization, which would be incorporated into a formalized Association management agreement, may be helpful in describing The Helm's proposed responsibilities to your Association under the three management categories.

Administrative Management
1. Prepare and distribute the Agenda for general and special meetings of the Associationís Board of Directors.

2. Attend meetings of the Associationís Board of Directors; record Minutes; present operational reports, recommendations, legal and legislative updates and advisories; present financial reviews, delinquency itemizations, and bank reconciliation reports.

3. Promptly prepare and distribute Minutes of all Board meetings.

4. Maintain Association Minute book, ownership list, operational and financial records, etc.

5. Organize and conduct the Associationís Annual Meetings, including: the booking of the meeting rooms; first mailing to owners (notice of meeting and nominee solicitation); second mailing to owners (agenda, nominee information, proxy, questionnaire); registration of attendees at meeting; chair meeting (if Board requests); present reports at meeting; tally votes and proxies; prepare and distribute meeting Minutes to owners.

6. Organize owner committees for Association projects, as directed by Board of Directors.

Financial Management
1. Billing and collection of Association maintenance fees.

2. Establish, through the Board of Directors, a lien policy and annual mail lien policy information to owners.

3. File liens in accordance with an established lien policy.

4. Prompt payment of all authorized Association expenditures.

5. Prepare and distribute to Directors detailed monthly financial reports, delinquency reports, and bank reconciliation statements.

6. Prepare pro forma annual budget proposals for review by Board of Directors.

7. Contract for and mail annual audit to owners after Board review.

8. Arrange for the preparation and filing of all tax returns.

9. Maintain separate Association operating and reserve accounts at banks, savings and loans, and/or other institutions, as specified by the Associationís Board.

Operational Management
1. Regularly inspect premises and operations and prepare monthly maintenance reports.

2. Prompt and courteous correspondence with owners, creditors, and service contractors.

3. Carry out all Board policies, and courteously enforce all Association Rules and Regulations and CC&R provisions.

4. Obtain, maintain and perform an on-going analysis of Associationís insurance portfolio.

5. Obtain a minimum of three bids for all service contracts and property acquisitions.

The Helm has additional services available to the Association at the discretion of the Board of Directors. These optional services include:

1. Newsletter. At a nominal cost per issue, plus production and mailing costs, The Helm will produce a newsletter for Association owners.

2. Annual Reserve Studies. The Helm will update the original reserve report on an annual basis at a negotiable rate to the Association.

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