Rental/Investment Management


Whether you are a longtime investor or new to the experience of rental properties, The Helm can assist you with the process and make the endeavor a successful one. Each property has its own specialized requirements, but it is in the small variances that allow us to display our versatility as a management company. Take the hassle out of your busy life, by enlisting The Helm to handle day-to-day operations of your investment property. Owners can rest assured that we are committed to retaining property values and occupancy for the duration of their ownership.

As we do with the other types of property we manage, The Helm will oversee repairs and maintenance to your investment while contracting, hiring, supervising, and training any on-site personnel accordingly. Expenses are paid timely for goods and services, property taxes, loan payments, and insurance. Funds are deposited into a banking institution insured by the U.S. government, and disbursed to the owner of the property, along with monthly financial reports. We provide the owner with a rent increase calendar, recommended vendors, submit 1099s, attend to routine correspondence and conduct routine inspections of the property.

For condo owners looking to rent their unit, we have an excellent understanding of homeowners associations. Our working knowledge of how governing documents relate to leasing terms, how Rules & Regulations impact pet restrictions, smoking, parking, and other association policies, and introducing a new resident to an association can help make for a smoother transition for all parties involved.

A primary goal for commercial properties is to attract and retain reliable tenants. By keeping abreast of the latest economic changes, tax laws, and insurance requirements, The Helm can offer its clients better input regarding rent, property value, and best use decisions. The services provided to rental properties from The Helm include:

  • Advertising of available spaces.
  • Initiating, signing and renewing rental agreements and leases.
  • Running credit checks.
  • Handling the proper deposition of security deposits.
  • Repairs and maintains the owner's investment.
  • Contract, hire, supervise, and train any on-site personnel.
  • Expenses are paid timely for goods and services, property taxes, loan payments, and insurance.

In many ways, the services we offer rentals are similar to other investment properties. Problem solving, integrity, and professionalism are integral to all forms of management and The Helm Management Co. has successfully done so for 40 years.