Vacation Ownership


Tamarack Beach Resort located in Carlsbad, CA

Timeshare Resorts (Vacation Ownerships) can be the most challenging properties to manage combining the functions of managing condominiums and hotels. Despite their unique challenges, The Helm views Vacation Ownership as one of the more rewarding elements of its work. The Helm provides all the necessary services and personnel to administer the affairs of the Association, operate the Resort, and the unique Use program. We hire and train the full staff including, Resort Manager, Front Desk, Housekeepers, Maintenance, Recreation, and Laundry. We process payroll, complete all state and federal reports, and employee benefits. On a regular basis, all units are inspected, as well as support areas and common furnishings. Reports are prepared and presented to the Board of Directors. The Helm assesses the general condition of the common area items will supervise their replacement or major work projects. Managing a timeshare or condominium property requires the familiarity and knowledge of the association's CC&Rs, By-Laws, and Rules & Regulations. It is our responsibility, as managing agent, to understand association CC&Rs, By-Laws, Rules & Regulations and execute their intent. Critical to the success of a timeshare property is the housekeeping and laundry departments as it is normally the largest department. The Helm will inspect, train, and provide all necessary tools and equipment so personnel can fulfill their jobs. A thorough cleaning of the resort, and its facilities, is completed annually during scheduled maintenance weeks as The Helm coordinates a work plan that will make benefit the resort and its guests for both the short and long term.


Tamarack Beach Resort located in Carlsbad, CA

The services provided to hotels differ in two ways from timeshare and condominium management, in that we do not administer an Association and there is no Use program involving thousands of owners. Instead, we are responsible for occupying thousands of room nights. The multitude of services provided to hotels revolves primarily around the sales and marketing programs either through the hotel franchise company (i.e. Choice Hotels) or private ownership and Helm employees. Our guests visit from around the globe therefore our rates and experience have to be competitive with the local market. Our staff will strive to satisfy and potentially exceed expectations, whether it's a one-night commuter or extended stay with special events ultimately resulting in repeat business. Maintaining the condition and units including the FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) is an ongoing process that is one of our primary responsibilities. All monies are collected and deposited daily, invoices and payroll paid, and owner reports created.